“The SOUND of a speaker’s voice matters TWICE as much as the content of the message.”
- The Wall Street Journal
Your voice is a POWERFUL TOOL...

More than any other asset -- pedigree, skillset, talent, acumen, guts, connections, or your impressive resume -- YOUR VOICE IS THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL you have to help you capture your goals and align with the future you want. Your voice can get you ignored and dismissed, or your voice can get you heard, respected, and PAID. Learn how to use it, and dramatically improve your results, immediately.
In this workshop you will learn how to...

  • Pull ahead of your colleagues or competition
  • Be respected for your skill in the courtroom
  • Boost rates on client coverage
  • Calm patients/clients with technique
  • Lead a winning team
  • Take center stage in your career
  • Command attention, respect and action
  • Get higher-paying clients
“Eliza Jane Schneider spoke at our 100+ person client event and blew the participants away. Her combination of meaningful insights and make-your-abs-sore humor was very powerful. She was A++ and people have been talking about it non-stop since the event.”

- Mo Bunnell
President & Founder of Bunnell Idea Group

"As a trial attorney, my success only comes through my ability to persuade a jury. My greatest tool in that persuasion is my voice. Tone, pitch, pace, and pronunciation all separate a power voice from a weak one. No one has taught me more about how to have a powerful voice than Eliza Jane. She is a great teacher, and our work together has had a lasting impact on my career."

- Jason J. Irvin
Hawkings Parnell Thackston & Young, LLP

Think about the time and money you’ve spent on your physical appearance: going to the gym, eating healthy food, haircuts, hours spent doing make-up, expensive clothes and shoes, and yet -- the people and the clients you speak with on the phone, where most first impressions are made, CAN’T SEE YOU! Sound is a deeper, more powerful sense than sight.
  • If your accent gets in the way of your effective communication, register now.
  • If you’re the smartest one on your team, but no one seems to take you seriously, register now.
  • If you’re a litigator who trembles in court, or never gets the response your content warrants, register now.
  • If you’re a doctor who struggles with bedside manner, patient intake, or connection with patients, register now.
“I have found that the VOICE CHANGING TECHNIQUE I’ve developed in my 20 years as a dialect coach and voice actress is incredibly effective in helping not only CELEBRITIES and people who want to LOSE THEIR ACCENTS, but also in helping ANY speaker of English - doctors, CEOs, and even entire law firms - to upgrade their sound, and thereby significantly RAISE their BOTTOM LINE. After I turned my first litigator from Sling Blade into a Great Orator, I was hooked. He was poached. And I realized I have a superpower - to train everyday superheroes in the most powerful untapped resource they have - their VOICE!”

-Eliza Jane Schneider

Win the Case. Win the Client. Win the Role. Win the Oscar.
...Or not. Your Voice Makes All the Difference.

Training Webinar: March 15, 2016