"The SOUND of a speaker's voice matters TWICE as much as the content of the message."
"We had Eliza Jane do some voice and speech evaluation for our lawyers at one of our retreats, and she blew us away. She did some personal training for some of them and they showed VAST improvement."

Robert E. Thackston
Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young LLP

"Eliza, as a dialect coach, has a wonderful capacity for combining character development with dialect proficiency that heightens the actors performance. As an actor herself, she has the ability to break through other actors' resistance with a minimum of effort and a maximum of result."

Brian Nefsky, Sr. Casting Associate
Walt Disney Imagineering

I have found, quite by accident, that the VOICE CHANGING TECHNIQUE I’ve developed in my 20 years as a dialect coach and voice actress is incredibly effective in helping not only CELEBRITIES and people who want to LOSE THEIR ACCENTS, but also in helping ANY speaker of English - doctors, CEOs, and even entire LAW FIRMS - to upgrade their sound, and thereby significantly RAISE their BOTTOM LINE.
"A Cajun accent? No way I'll ever get that down. That's what I thought until Eliza Jane came into my life. Her incredible expertise, enormous patience and marvelous sense of humor gave me everything I needed to perform one of the most important roles of my career!"

Glenn Taranto, Actor

“After working with several different accent coaches over the last few years, I was left confused and hopeless. I thought I’d never be able to learn an American accent. Then I met Eliza. She was able to diagnose all of my mistakes in 10 minutes! Working with her has given me a thorough understanding not just of how to perfect my General American accent, but how to take on ANY dialect/accent in the English language.”

Jelena Mrdja, Actress

“No one has taught me more about how to have a powerful voice than Eliza Jane. She is a great teacher, and our work together has had a lasting impact on my career.“

Jason J. Irvin
Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young LLP

"She worked with me on the piece that helped secure my roles in PIXAR's "Ratatouille" and she hasn't stopped since. I am a loyal advocate for Eliza in every setting that holds perfection in its' list of necessities."

Julius Callahan, Actor

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