July 5, 2000

SALON.COM > Blue Girl's blue period

The bluest performance artist around has the paint-and-nipple market cornered.


May 18-24, 2000


Don't ask her real name or she'll have to put the smack down on your sorry ass --- after all, she is a goddess from the 16th Dimension. Nevertheless, by day, she's a successful voice-over artist. But at night, she paints her entire Penthouse pet-like body turquoise blue and performs trippy electronica for the masses, augmented by her stunning voice and an electronic violin style that'd give Itzhak Perlman a coronary. Unlike most performance artists who like to get naked in this town, however, Blue Girl has both talent and looks. Where can you find Blue Girl? On her web site of course, where she's sure to tell you about her next gig.


April 8, 2000

Boudoir Noir Online > REVIEW - BLUE GIRL

Across the hall, you can see a sprite of a waif, who jumps onto the stage and places a strange-looking violin under her chin. Her skin glints blue in the light, her long ponytail swiling down her back as she jerks her shoulders in time to the droning vibe in the air. And she plays.

It's contagious, compelling music - non-objective, raga-like - perfect for the rave kids who are throbbing and stomping and swaying before the stage, but showing intelligence and a feel for larger ideas - darker ideas, as her website verifies. She is a creature from a self-created mythology, an eclectic universe. This violin is her language and she has amazing things to tell us. This music is anything but accidental.

I will be looking for her next engagement, which will be posted on her website at http://www.bluegirl.org . Remind yourself what music can be - a scene in itself. Especially when the concert includes Kali, spinning flames with her companion, the definition of intensity and grace -an aerialist, a juggler and more. The digeridoo player accompanying Blue Girl was fascinating - it's a mini Cirque du Soleil - Don't miss Blue Girl.